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Just Audiobook Reviews: Read detailed information, with minimum or no spoilers, about the narration and story of audiobooks I've listened to.


by admin on January 7, 2013

Just Audiobook Reviews is a new website featuring my  feedback on just audiobooks  that I have personally listened to.

As an audiobook reviewer, I have several key concerns when listening to a story.

One: How well-suited for the given story is the narrator’s voice?

Two: Pacing–is the story read too quickly or too slowly?

Three: The narrator’s skill to perform the different voices in a distinctive and convincing way. For example, does the female character’s voice sound like a female when read by a male performer and vice-versa?  If accents were called for, how well  were they done?

Four: How easy or difficult is it for a listener to get engrossed in the story?  

Unless otherwise noted, all the audiobooks reviewed are unabridged. 

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All of my future reviews will be on this site, unless I get a special request to create a website based on a single book or perhaps, a series of books.   But in case you would like to read it, below is a link to my review on its own website. 

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