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Audiobook Review: The Devil’s Match: The Devil DeVere

by admin on August 27, 2013

The Devil’s Match: The Devil DeVere by Victoria Vane

Narration: As I mentioned in The Devil You Know, Eva Hathaway is the right narrator for this series. In this book, too, her pacing is perfect. Her continued narration of the series adds an appealing quality of familiarity to the voices of DeVere and Diana.  In addition, there are some new characters with different accents in this book, and Eva handles their dialogue well.  

Book Review: The Devil’s Match: The Devil DeVere

This sequel to Diane and Ludovic’s story has a somewhat smaller piece of Swiss cheese than the previous book, but the sex is as explicit and as well-written as before. There is still an ample amount of it so that listeners seeking to hear it won’t be disappointed. In addition, through the introduction of a new character, a provocative twist is added.

I mentioned in the review of the first part of this romance that Ludovic is too emotionally distant for me. In this second part, details are provided concerning the reasons for his attitude and behavior, and I liked him much better. His candor comes across as acceptable because it reflects the mental defenses he adopted to deal with the facts of his past. Also, it was good to hear some additions to his history that hadn’t been shared thus far. I liked Diane as much as before. More of the layers of her personality are revealed; one, I didn’t care for, but it isn’t out of character for someone experiencing the kind of frustration she is going through.

A new clash between Diane and Ludovic adds to the reasons for listening to this audio. The author provides information that educates readers to the customs and laws of this period. She uses it in a way that creates believable conflict and exposes the emotional depths of these two people, with appealing effect.

I did feel, at one juncture, that an unnecessary amount of the story was dedicated to two other characters. They seemed to have needed their own book.

I was pleased with the ending. I had wondered how the story would be resolved in a satisfactory manner, and I admit the ending was fun. It was achieved without so drastically changing Ludovic’s perspective that the conclusion seemed unbelievable and rushed.

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Bibliography: The Devil’s Match: The Devil DeVere by Victoria Vane
Length: 4 hrs and 30 mins (unabridged)
Publisher: ©03-12-13 Victoria Vane