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Audiobook Review: Two Stories About Dreams: The Hunter and the Dame and the Fairy Trap

by admin on January 28, 2016

Two Stories About Dreams: The Hunter and the Dame and the Fairy Trap

Narration and Music:

The voice of Chris Sharpes is exceptionally pleasing. His accent is perfect for the time period of the stories.  He has just a hint of a female voice that is heard in the reading of the second story that has three fairies.  In both stories, I found the constant music to be distracting, especially when there is no narration going on. Also, there are pauses when there is neither narration nor music, and the silence creates a sense that the stories keeps stopping and starting over repeatedly. Sometimes it feels as though the story is finished; then the music starts again. There is a large variety of music, and a given selection doesn’t always fit the mood  of what is happening in the story. With so much music, the whole audio feels like riding in an elevator for a very long time.

Review of The Hunter and the Dame
The hunter’s adventure has an unexpected slant that I found interesting because it is not what one would expect at all. The dialogue during this adventure is handled well; it is informative and engaging, making this section the best part of the story.
There is no discourse or dialogue supporting the relationship between the hunter and the dame. Listeners are simply told about the couples’ growing romance. Hence, it’s difficult to connect with these characters and their love or any threat to it.

Review of the Fairy Trap
This story opens well with the three fairies chatting. The idea of the traveler being toyed with by each of the three characters can’t help but make one wonder how each encounter will turn out. Yet listeners are told pretty much everything the traveler does as he interacts with fairies, and his own words and thoughts in these three situations are needed to bring the story to life.

Overall, if a person needs more music than story and doesn’t mind two short dreams that are mainly told to them, then they might enjoy this audiobook. For those who’d like the music by itself, the soundtracks are included at the end of the audio.

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Two Stories and a Dream by Ainny Clover
Length: 2 hrs and 28 mins (unabridged)
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