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Proof of Heaven Audiobook Review

by admin on January 24, 2013

Proof of Heaven Audiobook

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, M.D. (Nonfiction/Religion)

I know that many audiobook listeners groan at the thought of authors reading their own work. However, there is no need for concern in this case. Dr. Eben Alexander’s narration is perfect for this story: his story. His performance is well-paced, neither over- or under-dramatized, and the sound of his voice allows the listener easily to become engrossed in the story.   In addition, because he is the one telling it, his emotions come across with an unquestioning honesty. Quite frankly, I’m glad that he has such a good reading voice. Given the experience that he is sharing, the fact that he can read it himself strikes the listener with such intensity.  As the details of his narrative unfold from his own lips,  you will feel, beyond all reasonable doubt, that God knows how to let the world know He is still in charge.

Public prayer might have been removed from our schools and some might try to have the beloved name of Christ removed from Christmas in their futile efforts to diminish our worship of God and Christianity. But as in the day when the false prophets of Ahab and Jezebel could not get their lifeless idol to send down fire (1Kgs. 18.24-29 KJV), these efforts have not achieved their desired intent.  In their heart—the place where it counts most–Christians still pray in school, and there are millions of us who will never allow Christ to be removed from our Christmas, especially after hearing Eben’s story.

His story is the fire come down from above that consumes all the false ideas arguing that there is no celestial place to which we can ascend and be with God and His Angels. In Proof of Heaven, we learn that not  only does God work an irrefutable,  highly-detailed and documented medical miracle, He does so with a man whose conviction to science over religion was so extreme that he did not even believe in God or life after death. However, like Paul after his conversion on the road to Damascus (Acts, 9th chapter), once Eben knew the truth about eternity and about God’s love, he had to tell the world.  He had to spread his gospel (his good news) to the largest audience he could reach. 

His account of his near-death experience is profound and scintillating. Above all,  it validates the abundance of  NDEs that are already recorded by the many laymen; it validates what has been written off by science and the medical profession as basically some malfunctioning of the brain during a period of  high distress. God’s message through Eben’s experience is clear and was given to us by Jesus, thousands of years ago, when he said, “I go to prepare a place for you . . . that where I am, ye may be also” (John 14.2-3).

Hence, Proof of Heaven offers encouragement, confidence, and upliftment to so many people. Those who will catch glimpses of heaven during their own NDEs and will bring back their story and the permanent influence this encounter leaves on their lives won’t have to worry about their account not being believed.  Moreover, those who will face inevitable death can be comforted by the proven truth of these words: O death, where is thy sting?  O grave, where is thy victory?  [1Cor. 15.55.]

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Bibliography:  Proof of Heaven narrated by Dr. Eben Alexander

Length: 5 hrs. 13 minutes (unabridged)

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Year of Audio-publication:  2012