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Audiobook Review: The Empty Mirror: A Novel

by admin on May 12, 2013

The Empty MIrror: A Novel by James Lincoln Collier

(Mystery/Suspense and Historical Fiction)


Adam Verner’s narration is well done. His female voices are tolerable, and it’s apparent enough that a lady or girl is speaking. My pleasure with his reading  is based on Adam’s projection of the mood and tone of the story. His ability to express the different characters’ personalities is right on track;  he brings each personage to life with his consistent performance of their dialog.  The pacing is excellent, and he narrates with a cadence that allows readers to slip right into the small-town, backwoods atmosphere of the story.


Book Review: The Empty Mirror  

The Empty Mirror is a timeless tale of mystery and suspense. The plot is driven by the protagonist’s attempt to get to the bottom of the sudden appearance of a young boy who looks like him. The intrigue begins with the opening  paragraph and keeps readers hooked, throughout. Each clue is revealed in a manner that maintains or increases the tension and provides interesting historical details about the influenza epidemic of 1918. 

The protagonist, Nick, is very likable with his own brand of uniqueness and his humorous way of  phrasing things.  He makes such statements as: “It might be okay to have some wife around there,” as if “wife” were an abstract  acquisition like having some “peace and quiet” around there. In another example, he reasons against getting “into a mood about” something.  My favorite person is his best friend, Gypsy: a straight-forwarder who doesn’t hesitate to state the obvious when it seems other folks are missing it.

The one problem I had with the story is that three essential questions  are not answered to my satisfaction. Despite these missing details, after the conflict is pretty much resolved, I didn’t want the story to end. I met people in this fiction with whom I could easily spend more time.

Bibliography: The Empty Mirror: A Novel by James Lincoln
Length:3 hrs and 49 mins
Publisher: © 04-05-13 AudioGo

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